Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Winters - October 1, 2012 Happy birthday, Becca!

Hey everyone, and happy Mid-Autumn Day yesterday.  It certainly doesn't feel like the middle of autumn here, but I suppose I'll take what I can get.  I also don't know about the historical significance of this holiday, but I do know the significance of it for me: that's right, free food.  Okay, just kidding, it means there was an awesome festival party hosted by our branch in which tons of potential people to teach showed up.  That was an amazing blessing - we were expecting maybe 15 nonmembers to show up, and at the actual thing there were maybe 40, all with at least one member friend!  Awesome stuff.  One member family that we ate dinner with this past week brought two friends, which I'm thinking has a direct relationship to eating their food for them.  That night, the dad piled at least 7 decently large chicken drumsticks on my plate and basically force-fed all three of us.  It was a challenge, but the rewards are worth it.  

If you can believe it, I went on another exchange in the Korean program.  At this rate, I'll probably be fluent in Korean by the time I get back.  I give myself credit for sitting in on an hour and a half lesson with one of their investigators, not understanding a word of it.  I felt like I was back in Chem 107.  

In spiritual news, we've had some wonderful lessons this past week.  As Elder Bednar put it, the lessons went well in spite of me.  I've found that when the necessary things are done, such as preparation and the simple things that bring spiritual power (like prayer and scripture reading), coupled with a sincere desire to help others progress in learning about the gospel, the Spirit takes over in a way that is incredible to observe.  As we listen with love, things come out of our mouths that help investigators light up like nothing that we alone could ever provide.  I know the Spirit is present in our lessons, testifying to the listeners the truthfulness of what we teach.  I know our message is true and can bless every single one of us.  It's an incredible pleasure to bring it to others that are willing to listen and act on it.

Have a great week.

[Editor's note: Wow, what a handsome missionary!!]

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