Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elder Winters - October 15, 2012

Hello everybody, welcome to another week in the life.  I had one of my bigger realizations of just how weird I am this past week - I was speaking Chinese in a public place and there were a couple of non-Asian people staring at me looking ready to go and call the police.  I'm afraid I may be a contributing factor to the misinformation going around that our church is a cult....

Other than that, things are rolling here in SoCal.  It actually rained for about the fifth time of me being here this past week, but we are now moving into another heat wave, so my hopes of having a real autumn here are being dashed by the scorching sun.   But you know, that's fine.  

Anyway, on to missionary stories.  Cool stuff happening!  One night this past week we were in an area that we rarely go to because of the dearth of Chinese people there, but we were there for a different reason as we later found out.  There was this guy that stopped us and asked us about the purpose of life.  We ended up having about a 45 minute conversation with him about the gospel.  This guy is ready!  It was amazing, and such a blessing to be able to run into him.  I for one am SUPER glad that the parking spot we wanted to park in was full.  As for the ending of the story, we're not sure.  We referred him to the English elders, so we'll see how it works out.  

Another thing.  We were tracting one afternoon without too much success.  Then we tract into this 80 year old Chinese man, no interest whatsoever, but he was just so darn nice.  He was like, "Mission work, that ain't easy.  I respect you guys a ton."  Or something to that effect (old people are harder to understand).  But anyway, sometimes I think that Heavenly Father not only puts prepared people in our path, but people that are supposed to cheer us up, because this guy did just that.  I couldn't stop smiling for a while after knocking into him.  

Last thing.  A movie star from Shanghai came to our church on Sunday!  Super cool.  Of course, I had absolutely no clue who the heck she was, but lots of the sisters did.  They were all flocking her after Sunday School, making it difficult for us to talk to some of the potentials/recent converts that we wanted to set up lessons with.  Sheesh.  Oh well.  I guess that will make them want to come more often, knowing that movie stars come to our branch now.  Unfortunately, she's just on vacation right now, but hopefully they'll be back.  

On a spiritual note, I know that the work we do is true.  The Church is true, Jesus is the Christ, and God loves us all.  

Have a wonderful week!

- E. DBW

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