Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Winters - October 8, 2012 Crazy...

Hello and ni hao to all of you in reader world.  It's been a crazy week, culminating in a mind-blowing announcement by our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, concerning a policy change expanding the options of at which age missionaries can serve.  Young men can now go at the age of 18, and young women at 19.  Despite the overwhelming/exciting feeling I got from this when I heard the announcement, I also felt strong impressions from the Spirit, indicating that this is an inspired change, a revelation from God.  I witness the reality of a living prophet leading and guiding this Church of Jesus Christ by revelation.  This change is huge and has many, many implications for both my family and my future family.  My brother, Jacob, has also made the decision to serve right after high school.  This is taking some time for me to digest, but I really couldn't be happier for him and for this new option available.  

Allow me to talk about general conference for a second.  General conference to missionaries is like what the Twilight series is to teenage girls.  If there was a midnight viewing of general conference and my bedtime was not at 10:30, you could bet that I'd be first in line.  To sum up my experience in a word, it was awesome.  The talks were all inspiring and gave me desires to repent and keep going.  I know that these, our Church leaders, are called of God and were foreordained to their callings.  I know Jesus Christ still leads His church today.  It's an incredible privilege to be His representative right now.  

Have a great week!


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