Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elder Winters - October 29, 2012 East Side

[Editor's note: Daniel's birthday is November 15th!]

Hey everyone!  Welcome back, and Happy Halloween.  I get my new companion from Kaysville, Utah tomorrow, which should be exciting.  I've been told that I act more like a kid from Utah than a kid from Georgia, so maybe that means we'll get along really well.  

Some of this week has been spent preparing for this week.  We'll be splitting the mission in half to accommodate two Chinese companionships, and as luck would have it my companionship will be the one with zero investigators.  So next week hopefully I'll have some exciting finding stories for all of you.  I especially want to go tracting on Halloween night, but I'm not sure how successful that will be.  I've heard stories of missionaries not being taken seriously several times on Halloween night, but maybe it will be different with the Chinese, who don't really celebrate it.  It translates into "Ten Thousand Spirits Holiday," so maybe in the spirit of the holiday we'll go to the temple for baptisms for the dead instead.

Another part of preparing to split has involved cleaning out our previous apartment.  The majority of the furniture was termed "not good enough for DI [Deseret Industries]," so it was literally destroyed by our zone.  That was pretty fun.  I've never tossed a chest of drawers off a two-story balcony before.  That might've been the last time, too.  

Anyway, we've had some solid lessons this past week.  It's a privilege to bear testimony of eternal truths and feel the Spirit bear testimony of them as well.  It's a wonderful we get to do, and I know it's true.  Have a wonderful week!

- E. DBW

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