Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elder Daniel Winters - November 4, 2013 EMAIL!!

[Editor's note:
Daniel's birthday is November 15th and I know he would appreciate a birthday card!
His mail goes to the mission home so it takes a little longer to get to him.
Elder Daniel Winters
CA Irvine Mission
23 Lake Rd.
Irvine, CA  92604

Yes, he does get home on November 27th!!]

Hey everybody, I hope you had an excellent Halloween.  The JWs were kind enough to give us a pamphlet on why we should not celebrate such a pagan holiday, so I took their and the mission president's advice and didn't.  But I still carved a Harry Potter jack-o-lantern.  

The work is going so well - I think this is one of the very best times of my mission!  We had a great day at church yesterday.  A recent convert threw down a great testimony on the law of chastity.  His first words as he bore the testimony: "I hope my wife will still let me live after I share this story."  Classic.  Another great testimony came from Gabriel Chen, who just turned 8 and will be getting baptized later this month.  He said, "Brothers and Sisters, the day I've been waiting for for eight years finally came.  I turned eight and now I can be baptized and get the Holy Ghost."  Wow.  I almost cried.  If we were all as a little child...

We had another great line from our investigator.  We were talking about repentance, and he said, "Well, my girlfriend always saves a little bit of her meals for later but then never eats the part she saved!  She wastes food practically every meal!  So what am I going to do if she gets stuck in the Telestial Kingdom when I go to the Celestial Kingdom?"  We'll teach that more in-depth next time.

Man, I love this work.  It is so amazing to see prayers answered and miracles wrought by faith every day.  This work is true!  Heavenly Father is looking out for us.  He loves us all!

Have a good one!

- Elder Daniel Winters

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