Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elder Winters - February 4, 2013 新年快樂!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable Groundhog Day.  It was cloudy here, so I think that means winter will start again in December, or something.  I'm not sure what the exact rules are, and frankly, I'm even less sure about how a groundhog's appearance in Pennsylvania affects Mother Nature, but you know, whatever.  I digress.

It's been a pretty good week over here in Irvine, So Cal.  We're welcoming a new elder from Hong Kong tomorrow, plus we have our Chinese new Year Festival coming up this Saturday.  Should be fun.  I hear the missionaries will be performing a fan dance, but I'm sure that's just a rumor.  Anyway, I'll tell you next week whether or not it came true.  

Contacting this week has been more on the challenging side.  I think the most memorable experience for me was when we knocked on a door, a woman looked through the peephole on the door, and yelled, "Nobody's home!" in Chinese.  I admit, I was pretty obnoxious, because I was like, "Sorry for bothering Nobody, then."  Alright, I have repented, but the funniest thing was that she was serious.  

One more story that reminds me what a different culture I'm in.  We were meeting some members and I picked up some donuts on the way, as is my custom from time to time (only Asians seem to work in the donut stores, it's weird).  When we met the members, I offered a donut to their seven-year-old kid, Gabriel.  He then made a face and was like, "Ugghh....too sweet...."  I laughed inside, knowing that if anyone offered me a donut when I was seven, it would've been gone before you could say "Thomas Jefferson."  That's why I can't live in China for too long - no sweets.

Well, this week has been good.  I've felt Heavenly Father answer my prayers.  I know He's there.  He is involved in this work, it is His work.  We just have to remember that.  

Have a good one, everyone.

- Elder Winters

[Don't know why he is holding milk but all I can say is that our milk consumption is drastically reduced now that he is not here!]

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