Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elder Winters - January 29, 2013 大家好 [Hello, everybody]

[Daniel started his email to the family with this: 家庭好,很高興可以發郵件給你們。我特別很開心雅各快要受到他的傳教召喚信封.  We got a good laugh from Google Translate: Good family, very pleased to be able to send e-mail to you. I am particularly glad Jacob is about to suffer his missionary call of the envelope.]

Hey everyone, and a big 你好 to all of my Chinese readers (do I have any of those?).  Chinese New Year is coming up, so that's kind of the big event that we're all looking forward to over here.  Before that, though, is the mad handing out invitations to everyone to actually come.  Whatever the outcome is, there will dumplings, therefore I will be happy.  

As far as news goes, things are picking up quite a bit as far as the work goes - we received two referrals from one of our recent converts.  If you want to make the missionaries of your respective wards happy, give them someone to teach.  And the thing is, all this member did was invite her friends to church.  Pretty simple, and yet the outcome could be incredible.  As Church members, we come to grow to love the gospel and the happiness it brings us, it's just a matter of learning how to share it with others.  I definitely encourage everyone who's out there to think and pray about someone they could share the gospel with, and then plan how to invite him or her to do something, whether it be inviting them to a church meeting or activity, inviting them to dinner, or even meeting with missionaries.  It is so wonderful to have members' cooperation in every aspect of this great work.

Okay, putting the soapbox aside, I had a cool experience with a guy the other day.  We were out contacting and we met a guy that wasn't exactly the most clean-cut person in the world.  He was smoking and coughing pretty severely.  And then I thought of the missionary that President Monson mentioned in his last General Conference address, who saw people as they could become. Then I pictured the guy in front of me dressed in white, neat, clean-shaven, cigarette gone, addiction gone, completely clean.  I felt compassion for him and felt a desire to help him change, and felt confidence in the gospel message that we share and the ability that message has to change people.  I thought about how Heavenly Father felt about him and how He wanted him back with Him.  And then we bore testimony to him and set up a time to share more.  

This work is true, it is powerful, and it is His work.  It's a joyful service and there is no place I'd rather be.

Have a good week, everyone.

- Elder Daniel Winters

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