Monday, January 14, 2013

Elder Winters - January 14, 2013 Dajia hao! Wo shi Tom!

That title is from this Chinese-learning program from my companion's dictionary.  It's this Chinese guy pretending like his Chinese is that of an English person's, which is why it's funny...if you've heard it.

Hello everyone, welcome to another week in the life.  Quite a few things went down this past week, one of which was going into the Korean program on exchange.  The highlight might've been when my temporary companion told me right before a dinner appointment, "Each as much as you can, even if you feel like throwing up.  It's rude not to."  No problem there.  I think I may have swallowed a few bones in my gusto, though.

Another exciting thing might have been in our English class.  We have Mainland China students and Taiwan students, and because those wo nations aren't exactly the best of friends right now, things can get a little heated.  I think the argument was whether English or Chinese was harder to learn.  As the teacher I was just looking at them in amusement, but it soon became time for me to break them up.  It was all right, though, don't worry - they're all about 80 years old, so they couldn't hurt each other even if they wanted to.  

In big news, our investigator passed her baptismal interview this past week.  I translated for our zone leader who did the actual interview.  I was pretty nervous when she said that the Word of Wisdom entails not eating birds, but I think she must have been just trying to quote from D&C 89.  Anyway, she's been awesome, and I mean giving up green tea in one second and praying about the Plan of Salvation right in the middle of the lesson, so we're super excited for her baptism this Saturday.  

On last thing.  Our recent convert gave a talk yesterday about her relationship with God.  I think that the things we teach our people can have such a great effect that is immeasurable by us missionaries.  But the things we teach are true principles, and they have the potential to change lives.

This work is true.  It's an amazing feeling to have the Holy Ghost with you, bearing you up, letting you know what to say when you have no idea.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness through a modern prophet.  God loves us and watches over us.

Have an incredible week, everyone.

- Elder Daniel Winters

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