Monday, May 13, 2013

Elder Winters - May 13, 2013 It was awesome seeing you!

Hey everyone, welcome and happy belated Mother's Day.  I just want to make it known that I have the best mother of them all, and she has made me who I am today.  

So, this week I had my first experience as a real missionary, AKA a missionary that has to ride a bike.  It was, in a word, fun.  Though I would suggest to the missionary from whom I borrowed the bike to get a more comfortable seat, because spending two years on that things seems intolerable to me.  Anyway, the experience did make me appreciate biking missionaries and our car a lot more.  So I will not come home being a brat, I hope.

We had a fun experience contacting this past week.  We started talking to this girl and she seemed somewhat startled because of us.  We attempted to talk to her in a very non-menacing manner about the restored gospel, and then invited her to learn more, which she responded, "I don't know."  We then asked what her name was and she gave the same answer: "I don't know."  And then my companion said, "It's OK, if you don't want to tell us, that's cool --" and then she interrupted him, saying, "I don't remember...." with a look of seriousness as sincere as any as I have ever seen.  I guess my companion just has that kind of effect on people.  

As far as spiritual news goes, I'm not trunky or anything, but it was great talking to my family yesterday.  That was my fourth and last time doing that, so here comes the final stretch.  As a spiritual aspect, I know that families can be eternal through the ordinances of the temple.  That is the final goal of our work here - helping people making and keeping covenants to bring them and their families together to live in Heavenly Father's presence forever.  Isn't that wonderful?

The work is true; have a great week.

- Elder Daniel Winters

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