Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elder Winters - September 17, 2012 Happy birthday, Sarah!!

Hey everyone, short email coming.  We had a zone conference this past week where we painted about two miles of fence as a mission.  I heard it's going to be on the news, but I'm not too sure.  If you see a guy in a yellow vest meticulously painting an old fence on the cover of Newsweek or whatever you read, you'll know who it is.  

Quick cool thought.  We taught a member's sister this past week for the first time.  She moved to America for schooling and has been apart from her member sister for a while.  It was incredible to teach this girl about her Heavenly Father for the first time and to hear her say her first prayer in her entire life.  It's a privilege to bring these precious truths to those who don't know where to find them.  This work is true and will continue to go on despite a guy trying to speak Chinese to the people of Southern California.  It's the best, I'm loving it, but keep doing what you're doing at home.  The gospel's true, have an awesome week.

Elder Daniel Winters

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