Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Winters - September 10, 2012 Chujiban

Hey everybody, welcome to another week coming to you from sunny California.  I have to include that because I often forget where I actually am.  

This may have to be somewhat short, so here we go.  Actually, I think I may just include some tidbits from the week and pass that off as good. Get excited.  

I found out that there is a Chinese last name that means "strict."  Imagine finding out right before school starts that that's your teacher's name. On that note, the last name "Wang" means "king," so maybe that will change the way you think about your cashier at the grocery store or the Mrs. Wang next door.  

This week I had the privilege of leading the kids during singing time in Chujiban, or Primary.  It was in Chinglish, so that was incredibly fun.  Excited at actually being able to remember the words, I think I may have sung more enthusiastically than the kids.  Though I'm pretty sure my brother Joseph could still give me a run for my money.  

We went contacting in a new place this week - a man-made lake close to the church building.  We went on Labor Day and talked to probably a record number of Chinese people that I've ever done in an hour.  Thinking about how my sister Rebecca does probably five times that every day made my respect for her grow like no other.  Also, later this week when we went again a ton of people were waving at us.  We had no clue why everyone was suddenly so nice to us until we found out that the Northwood ward in the stake was having a party there.  It took a lot of willpower to pass down a second dinner and several invitations to join in and keep going, but we're glad we did.  We met some cool people we wouldn't have met otherwise.  

This work is true.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It's a true privilege to share it with others.  It's amazing, it's pure truth, and the work will move on.

Have a sweet week.

- Elder Winters

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