Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Winters - May 14, 2012

Hey everybody and happy Mother's Day.  I sure hope some of you at BYU aren't mothers just yet; I haven't been gone that long. 

So this week has been a good one.  First off, I got to talk to my family yesterday for a little while.  If anyone is curious, they are doing great, and I'm doing just swell as well.  Also, another good thing has been a surprise investigator that came to church last week and then called us Tuesday morning asking if she could meet with us to discuss Priesthood authority in our church.  She is on fire and is coming to know the truthfulness of the things we share with her.  

This morning I was able to do some Tai Qi with about thirty old Chinese people in a nearby park.  If anybody says that Tai Qi is not a workout, they are lying.  I got worked by the 60-80 demographic.  Though it was a lot of fun just mimicking what the group leader did and it was a good opportunity to find interested people to boot.  I had my workout clothes on today, but still I heard some whispers of "传教士" (missionary) among the old women a little bit.  They must know that no other nineteen year old would be crazy enough to be white and learn Chinese at the same time if he didn't have a true message to share.  

That brings me to the message we share.  I know it's true.  I know that our Church has the Priesthood authority restored through heavenly messengers to the Prophet Joseph Smith after it was lost after the Apostles were persecuted and killed.  We have the authority given from God to baptize in Jesus Christ's name, as did John the Baptist and Jesus' apostles in His time.  It is what distinguishes us from other churches.  I know it is a blessing and is only used to serve others.  It's the Lord's work I'm doing, and He's not letting me do it by myself.  

Have a great week.

Elder Winters

Daniel at the home of a member who wrote me an email, the subject of which was "We love Elder Winter."  So fun!

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