Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elder Winters - April 23, 2012

(Daniel wrote to each family member this week but didn't really write an email to share.  Here are tidbits from the email he sent me.)

Happy anniversary! Thanks so much for your emails and your prayers.  You are continually in mine. 

(His companion leaves July 10th and he gets 2 new elders directly from mainland China.)

I think it's also a blessing to have a pretty fresh start for the Chinese program as soon as I'm the "oldest" elder speaking Chinese.  I'm praying that I'll be able to handle it and set a precedent for how the Chinese elders act and do missionary work.  

The zone is great.  There are a lot of new elders and a lot of old elders, so all three programs (Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese) are getting fresh starts soon.  We've been working on recent converts lately and setting up a lot of stuff for when the new elders arrive.  One of our bigger projects is assembling together the addresses of people with Chinese last names in the mission so we know where to tract.  Also, we want to soup up our English classes.  The new elders come July 10, the same day Elder Kim leaves, so on that day I'll be the leader.  I'm excited for the prospect.  

Last thing.  I thought this might interest you.  Well, in our interview President Bowen (the mission president) told me that Elder Bednar told him that he liked the response I gave at mission conference and I reminded him of one of his sons at first.  I thought that was really cool and felt really honored.

I hope you have a joyful week.


This is a picture of the Asian zone in the mission:

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