Monday, March 4, 2013

Elder Winters - March 4, 2013 只有百嘉可以懂這個句子!

[Editor's note: Just when you thought they couldn't get any shorter!  Daniel starts training a new missionary tomorrow and it looks like he will be moved into the California Irvine mission.  His mission president is trying to make it so that the Chinese elders will be able to teach in both the Anaheim and the Irvine missions.  Also, I have never, ever known Daniel to think he was awesome.]

Hey everyone, today you get a 60 second email.  This past week was awesome, mostly because our branch mission leader set up 5 appointments for us.  I'll just leave a thought with you.  I was reading in Alma 26 where Ammon talks about how wonderful God is in doing His work.  Sometimes if I ever think, "Oh man I can't believe how awesome I am," I always need to go back and look at how I am nothing, and it is God that has given me everything, including every success in the mission field.  The work is true, you guys are great, and have a great week.

- Elder DBW

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