Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elder Winters - February 7, 2012

Hey everybody, week 10 in the MTC is coming to a close.  I have limited time today, so I'll apologize in advance.  Also, I have a long due apology for all of those that have sent me letters and packages and I haven't gotten back to you yet.  I appreciate them so much, and I feel horrible I haven't thanked you yet.  Know that they are much cherished especially by one who has been eating the same food for 10 weeks.  Thank you.
Not too much news this week.  There have been a few rule changes concerning exercise in the classrooms - the MTC staff has finally caught on that the push ups our teachers make us do have become to the point of inhumane, so they have been banned from the classrooms.  Because of that, our teacher is devising ways of using other calisthenics to boost the speed of the blood pumping into our brains to help us learn Chinese. 
Chinese is going well.  Our district is doing a decent job of only speaking Chinese with each other, and that has helped enormously.  It's cool to have obscure words you've only looked at a few times come up out of your mouth while speaking. 
I'll conclude with a spiritual note.  It concerns the Book of Mormon.  It is incredible how much the most correct book on the Earth can help us answer our problems and questions we have.  I had one recently, wrote it down, and just started reading in 1 Nephi 4 where I had left off and by the time I had finished 30 or so verses precious revelation had come as a result from it.  God is so willing to give us revelation to act on if we only knock and seek for those answers through the means He has given us.  I would invite you all to write down any problems or concerns you might have and dive into the scriptures to get those answers with the Spirit's help.  You will be surprised and delighted at how much it will help you - I know I was.
Thanks so much everyone, I love you all.
Elder Winters

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