Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Elder Winters - February 14, 2012

Hello everybody that reads this, and consider yourselves welcomed to my last email of the MTC. This has been a while in the making, but the day is finally here. Of course, I've still got a week left, but I am nonetheless excited to enter the field. My companion, Elder Pak, leaves tomorrow to go to his respective field in San Jose, so it'll be a bittersweet experience to see him off. I'll be with Elders Snyder and Bowen as a trio for the next six days.

One benefit of Elder Pak leaving early was that I got to go to the In-Field Orientation with him a week earlier than usual. Becca told me about what kind of experience it was, and my expectations were met and exceeded - it was awesome. For those of you who are familiar with BYU Vocal Point, the baritone, Ben Murphy, was one of my instructors for that experience. Unfortunately, he didn't sing for us, for just listening to his accent was good enough for me. This week, my district plans to go again to hopefully learn even more the second time.

In Chinese news, I have some exciting information to share. Elder Snyder, who is both my fellow district member and my roommate, woke up this morning at about 3 AM because of an earache. Apparently, I startled him at 3·15 by slowly arising from my bed, looking at him, turing on my watch light to illuminate my face, then speaking quite rapid Chinese for at least a minute. I don't remember any of this, so I think that just goes to show how and through whom I'm learning Chinese. I just wish these things could happen when I'm at least conscious.

As a spiritual note, I would love to say something about love and how it is really the foundation of Jesus Christ's Church and the message I will share with the Chinese people. All of the different aspects of this Church can be traced back to the love Heavenly Father has for us. And of course the greatest act of love He has done for us is sending us His Son to redeem us all. We can do nothing but reciprocate this love for our fellow men through our actions and thoughts towards them. I'd like to invite you all when you see the next person to try to think of how Heavenly Father thinks of that person and what He desires for that person. Then, if you can, do your best to bring that to that person. I know you yourself will more feell of Heavenly Father's love He has for all of His children.

I love you all, have a fantastic week.

Elder Winters

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