Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Hello everybody, it's a sad day in the MTC as it has lost one of its best missionaries: my sister, Rebecca.  Parting was hard this morning, as I won't see her for the longest of my family members.  Though it was hard, I know it is for the very best reason that she is going off into a very foreign country where not many speak fluent English.  It is because we have truth, truth that can and will change people's lives for eternity, and it is the noblest cause to go and give up everything to preach that truth to those who desperately need it, but only do not know where to find it.  That is our purpose, and I know our Heavenly Father will completely support us in doing His work.  
You all are great, have a wonderful week.
Elder Winters 

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