Monday, October 7, 2013

Elder Daniel Winters - October 7, 2013

[Editor's note: Daniel has been working his entire mission with a man whose daughter is in the Mandarin branch.  This brother is finally getting baptized this Saturday after 20 years of many prayers and many missionaries!  The sister who lives in the branch emailed me about Daniel.  Here are a few of the things she wrote about him: 
He present himself as royal family so you will be proud  of him. And you should. I love the spirit of his prayer and calmness. He is a special to us. 
In one point I almost want to tell him that you don't need to waste your time on my dad because he is only using your kindness for his need.he will not join the church this life.but for sure the next life.
I express to him that I don't think my dad will join the church.All he said is you never know, he might join the church one day.
One day he told me if ok he help my dad do the garden work every week.I almost start to cry.....
And He was so happy he can do that.
He taught me about being obedience and rely on the spirit.
He taught me that we do not need to say many words but service will speak itself.
I will miss having him around. I know The Lord has great plan for him in the future and in His kingdom.
Thank you for sharing him with us the pass two years. 
He will bring you good report.]

Hey everybody, I hope it's been a great week.  I hope you all loved General Conference like I did.  I was so pumped to hear all the speakers speak and now I can't wait to read all the talks over and over again and then go out and do.  I felt sorry for poor Elder Vinson, though, who had a fly attack him during his very first general conference address.  The talk was powerful, nonetheless, and pretty entertaining to watch.  

The Santa Ana winds have started blowing in, so much that a tree in our apartment complex got blown over.  I guess I wished this to happen in a previous email when I said I wanted the weather to be something other than sunny.  So now it's windy and sunny.

The work here is moving.  I had the opportunity to interview a couple of people for baptism this past week, which is probably my favorite responsibility.  Preach My Gospel encourages interviewers to invite the baptism candidate to bear his or her testimony, and I like to do that by asking the candidate what changes have taken place in his or her life since meeting with the missionaries.  The responses I got were incredible.  My favorite was one that said he was now aware that Heavenly Father was watching him.  He said he didn't believe in God before but after meeting with the missionaries a few times there was no way to disregard or deny how he felt.  That was so special.  I know, with more certainty than ever after this past conference, that this work is true, that we have a prophet who leads and guides us by inspiration and revelation, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real and love us, and that this Church is true.

I love you all, have a great week.

- Elder Winters

In the brother's backyard where he has been working each week:

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