Monday, July 29, 2013

Elder Daniel Winters - July 29, 2013 Miracle.

Hey everybody, I hope everything goes well.  Things in the life of Elder D.B. Winters are going just swimmingly, even though I'm not allowed to swim right now.  We've been blessed to teach a lot this week, which is what missionaries simply live for.  We love to teach, and we love to see people accept the gospel.  
Funny story of the week.  Our investigator called our branch president a monk during our lesson.  Interestingly enough, before he thought that in order to get baptized you have to shave your head.  Thankfully that tradition of the elders is done away with in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Though our branch president continues to be bald.  
Miracle of the week.  That same investigator that said that has determined that he wants to be baptized as soon as humanly possible.  I've been working with this guy since the beginning of my mission, so I am, in a word, stoked.  I firmly believe the Spirit has been working with him and enlightening his mind.  I know the Spirit can do that because it did the same thing with me.  It prompted me to make some big decisions that led to me coming out on my mission.  I attribute that to the goodness and mercy and the grace of God, that He would see fit to do that for me and for the people I teach.  It's a wonderful thing to be out here, I appreciate your prayers so much, it's all working, all because this is the Lord's work.

Have an awesome week.

- Elder Daniel Winters

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